What Tammy Needs to Know about Getting Old and Having Sex

Created by Lois Weaver of Split Britches

Developed and Produced by In Company Collective

What Tammy Needs to Know About Getting Old and Having Sex is part of an international, intergenerational mission to ask all the difficult questions, talk to those who really know and find out the truth about sex, and all its associations, at midlife and beyond. Through the persona of Tammy, Lois is able to research the effects of ageing people’s desire for and ability to obtain sexual pleasure and intimacy.


Originally commissioned by the Chelsea Theatre in London, 2008.

Lois is a 2014 Guggenheim Fellow and a Wellcome Trust Engaging Science Fellow for 2016-18.  She received a NYFA Fellowship and an OBIE for her ensemble performance in Belle Reprieve in 1990

Press / US

"there is something profoundly vulnerable, and therefore beautiful, in the show’s rough quality and imperfection." - a Theatre is Easy review by Ken Kaissar

A short review by Eva Yaa Asantewaa for her blog Infinite Body

The Front Row Center discusses the feat of creating a show about both sex and ageing

Senior Planet interviews Lois on What Tammy Needs to Know

Lesbian Magazine, Curve, interviewed Lois in 2015, talking about her persona, the elders involved, and the future of the piece

Megan Hanley reviews What Tammy Needs to Know for the Helix Queer Performance Network

"These New Yorkers are black, white, Latino, and Asian; they’re gay, straight, widowed, celibate, and (surprisingly) libertine. But most of all they’re hot — because experience always is. Donning boas, neckties, and leopard prints, the vibrant ensemble sings, dances, shares stories, and gives tips for remaining randy into late life. " - from The Village Voice

Jonathan Slaff and Associates detail a run of What Tammy Needs to Know at La Mama

Press / UK

The Wellcome Collection hosted a conversation with Tammy WhyNot as part of their Sexology Season which you can listen to here

Sick Festival recorded a post-show discussion of the What Tammy Needs to Know also featuring Psychology & Gender Studies Professor Lynne Segal

"Enlightening, inspiring and some of the best fun you can have in an hour with your clothes on." - Elizabeth Hughes writes in Latest Brighton

Tammy WhyNot writes a guest blogpost for Camden People's Theatre about Her 6 Favorite Findings from the Project so Far

The Pool interviews Peggy and Lois, the feminists making art about having sex

What Tammy Needs to Know is cited as a case study in Joonas Lahtinen's article "How to Address the Politics of the Body in Participatory Performance?" for Nordic Theatre Studies

Lois was interviewed about sex for House of Phag

Magic Me created a write up about Lois' residency for What Tammy Needs to Know in 2016

Lois and What Tammy Needs to Know were quoted and referenced in a BBC article on "The Taboo of Sex in Care Homes for Older People"

Adam Weymouth meets Tammy WhyNot for an interview in Lacuna Magazine

What Tammy Needs to Know is cited in LADA's Feminist Live Art: Why Bodies Study Guide, compiled by Eleanor Roberts, in the Bodies are Pleasurable section

Lois writes about Performing the Persona for her project Public Address Systems


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What Our Audiences are Saying

"I want to be that badass, said a twenty-something woman sitting near me"

- Tom Sellar, The Village Voice

"The show is a charmer[...] there is no resisting Tammy."

- Infinite Body

"Lois Weaver is a playful pixie of performance art"

- The New York Times

"The lines between musical revue, variety show and daytime talk show converge in this truly unique piece of theatre."

- Theatre is Easy