Unexploded Ordnances

Created by Split Britches

Development and Producing supported by In Company Collective

Unexploded Ordnances investigates unexplored potential in older people as an interactive performance which subverts traditional power structures in performance and community gathering. It is a new exploration of ageing, anxiety and ‘doomsday’ created through conversation and collaboration with an array of elders and artists, with a daring new protocol for public discussion – the Situation Room.

The piece is laced with the sense of finite endings: the nuclear doomsday from Strangelove, relationship breakdown, our own mortalities. 


Press / US

Split Britches Want you to Unearth Your Potential - a writeup from Senior Planet

Broadway World profiled the performance as a work in progress at La Mama

QVoice News featured UXO in a short article by Phillip Zonkel when it was playing as a work in progress at the Skirball Center in LA

Press / UK


Performances to date have taken place at - 

LA MAMA, NYC (development / work in progress)

SKIRBALL CENTER, LA (work in progress)

BARBICAN CENTRE, London (upcoming)


What Our Audiences are Saying

Felt honored to be asked to sit at the table because I’ve reached elder (60+) status! Channeling the zeitgeist AND getting to be in the show? Priceless.
— Facebook response