Created by Le Gateau Chocolat

2017 - current touring and development led by In Company Collective

LGC articulates and embodies ‘blackness’, as both cause and consequence of discrimination. His multifarious experience of discrimination, including mental health, sexuality, and size/body shape, gives him a unique perspective on stigma and empathy, and his affecting performance capabilities give him powerful tools with which to reach diverse groups. Fusing cabaret, opera, animation, theatre, and live art, BLACK delves deep into LGC's own history and battle with depression.

Originally commissioned by Homotopia, the UK’s foremost LGBT art and cultural festival and created with funding from Arts Council England and support from Pink Fringe, Nightingale Theatre, and Colchester Arts Centre.

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A diagnosis from The Sick of the Fringe, focusing on intersectional identity:

Le Gateau Chocolat mines the personal and the political in this cabaret-infused performance, which embraces an intersectional understanding of identities and powerfully presents a life in progress, without happy endings or narrative closure. The work draws from Le Gateau’s autobiography – while often artists use pseudonyms to hide their personal story, here it feels like the pseudonym and character provide entry into the performer’s authentic self, with snippets of reflections, top tips, and animated interludes which guide the story through a challenging life. In a year of BlackLivesMatter and increased recent media attention to gender expression, sexuality, and body policing, a show about any one of these issues would be relevant, but it’s the blending of the issues together which makes the real impact. The final revelation of mental health difficulties, challenges and the spectre of suicide adds an important and unexpected dynamic. Presented without hyperbole, Gateau uses his baritone to push forward the impact that accompanies such a serious story and such a serious consideration of these issues. (BL)

See the full diagnosis here

The trailer for BLACK


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Press / International

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Performances to date have taken place at - 






A little video produced by Homotopia Festival about the making of BLACK

What Our Audiences are Saying

"The most refreshing 'black' performer currently throwing down! Period!"

- Boy George


"That was a lovely and most evocative hour; thank you"

"A concise and impressively directed piece, expertly performed; personal without being self indulgent, inventive warm and wise... one of the most moving, entertaining and special shows of the year. "

- Made Up (UK)

"Upfront and poignantly personal...depression distilled in music and insight... full of beauty and intensity" 

- The Stage (UK)

"Black is an impeccably constructed, challenging and unique performance... as both an epitaph and beacon of hope expressing the universal humanity that lies beneath eccentricity and difference - for as Chocolat declares: We are human first and have all been black at some point"

- The Upcoming (UK)

Audience Feedback for BLACK from Homotopia Festival, 2013