Assisted Suicide the Musical

Created by Liz Carr

Developed and Produced by In Company Collective

Assisted Suicide the Musical (ASTM) engages audiences and the media in conversations around the assisted suicide debate, palliative care, and disability rights. The performance is a challenging TED Talk couched within a glitzy musical spectacle. Liz uses the ‘musical spectacular’ framework to amplifying her voice, the marginalised experience, and perspectives of other people within the disabled community.


Commissioned by Unlimited, supported by Arts Council England and Wellcome Trust with additional support from the British Council (Australia performances). 

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'Actress Liz Carr stuns audience' at Labour Party Conference, Nov 2016.

Watch an interview on Hope: preventing Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide Facebook page with Liz, Nov 2016.

Watch Liz on BBC Ouch! Facebook Live, 9 Sept 2016.

A serious business, what can comedy do - Mosaic Science.

'When assisted death is legal' radio documentary for BBC World Service - Part 1 / Part 2.

In 2014, the House of Lords debated an Assisted Dying Bill, listen to Liz’s interview with Radio 4’s The World Tonight.

A fantastic write up of the protest in 2015 outside Parliament by Standard Issue (and why Not Dead Yet, why Liz and other disabled people oppose assisted suicide).

Interviews with the Artist Taxi Driver and Liz Carr - in three parts, it’s a long watch but if you have time for just one, no. 2 is probably best! They'll pop up in the side bar on You Tube...

A great interview in TimeOut, in which Liz describes her self as "Something of an Assisited Suicide Nerd".

Liz Carr named one of Jude Kelly's Top 10 Women Redefining the Creative Industries in  2017.

PRESS / International

Liz Carr Triumphs in "ASTM", a profile from Hope Australia.

Check out this great write up of the potential impact of ASTM in Australia: An Empty Chair, A Missing Premier, A Poignant Metaphor.

A Theatrical Rebuttal to the Farce of 'Dignicide'.

A great summary of Liz's words being used to defeat the passage of a Euthanasia bill in Tasmania, Tasmania Rejects Assisted Suicide... Again.

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age report on Liz's presence in Australia.

"Even if you disagree with her on the way in, you will at least have doubts on the way out”, a review from Steve Bennett at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

A preview of the show, written up in The Age.

An interview with Maxim Boon, "She's a woman, disabled, gay, potently intelligent, exceptionally creative and fiercely accomplished. In short, comedian and actor Liz Carr is The Anti-Trump."

Liz was also featured on Australian National Radio, in an interview you can listen to Here.

The Herald Sun reports on ASTM, connecting it to Liz's role on Silent Witness.

Broadcast 22 March 2017. Daniel Andrews, there's a seat in the audience for you!

Actress, TV star, and international disability activist Liz Carr explains her perspective on why assisted suicide is a concern at Victorian Parliament.


Performances to date have taken place at - 

CHATS PALACE (preview) 


ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL, Southbank Centre as part of the Unlimited Festival (premiere) 

UNITY THEATRE as part of DaDaFest

ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL, Southbank Centre, a 'back by popular demand' performance

MALTHOUSE THEATRE as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

What Our Audiences are Saying

"Carr's oratory is brilliant and persuasive. I thought I knew where I stood on the assisted suicide debate, but her fierce intelligence, erudition and sardonic wit left me much less certain.” - Read the full review in the Sydney Morning Herald

"I don’t normally watch comedy of this genre, but I have to say that Assisted Suicide The Musical was an absolutely brilliant performance.

It’s also timely that it’s come to the Melbourne Comedy Festival considering the debate and discussion that will occur in the Victorian Government this year...It is a must see! Thank you so much Liz and crew for your timely visit to Victoria." - Facebook review

“This sensitive showstopper Assisted Suicide: The Musical didn’t disappoint. As Carr has explained in much of her activism, suicide isn’t funny, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the rise out of society’s absurdly hypocritical attitudes towards the death that will not speak its name.” – Exeunt Magazine. Read full review.

"The take-out feeling is that Assisted Suicide: The Musical is an important show that fills in a lot of detail on a massive topic – and makes the information not just digestible, but entertaining." - from Chortle